Sunday, September 25, 2016

Introducing: Mahran

One of the only good things to come out of Dark Disciple was the Mahran, a weird venomous fox alien species. I decided to take that species and adapt it for play in Edge of the Empire by changing that little detail about them killing themselves with their own venom because that's dumb. Enjoy.

The Mahran were a sentient species native to the planet of Mahranee. They had four-fingered hands, sharp tufted ears, a blue muzzle with a keen sense of smell and a coat of fur. Every Mahran also had a stinger that could release venom. However, a Mahran could only use his or her stinger once, as its venom would not only kill the targets, but also travel to his slayer's heart. Although the Mahran were not telepaths, they could effectively determine other people's faint emotions through scent. The Mahran prized bravery, and attached great importance to their bloodlines.

Brawn 2 // Agility 2 // Intellect 1 // Cunning 2 // Willpower 2 // Presence 3

WT: 10+B
ST: 12+W

Diluted venom stinger: Some Mahran undergo gene therapy to modify their stingers so that they can be used without risk of harm. When such a Mahran makes a Brawl check to use their stinger, the attack deals +1 damage and gains the Disorient 1 quality.

Starting XP: 90

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