Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Introducing: Myconidians, a Homebrewed Star Wars Species

I've never done any homebrew for Fantasy Flight's Star Wars RPG before, but I'm quite fond of it and wanted to see my favorite part of Star Wars, the oft-reviled Yuuzhan Vong, represented in it. Now, don't worry. This isn't actual Vong. What I did was sit down and decide what it was that I actually liked about the Vong. The two biggest things I decided on were:

1) Biotechnology
2) Empathic connections to other organisms

I took these aspects and created my own new species, Myconidians, based on plant-sculpting rather than flesh-sculpting. I didn't include any examples of their plant-based technology, this is just for the species itself. But if you have any feedback, let me know!

Myconidians are a tall, humanoid fungoid species native (originally) to Mycon IV. They possess a stronger-than-usual connection to the Force, and with this connection they naturally establish minor empathic bonds with nearby organisms. On their homeworld, they use these bonds to manipulate plant life into serving as their weapons, clothing, and even advanced technology such as spacefaring vessels (though to reach hyperspace, these constructions must graft on a hyperdrive). Manipulating foreign plant matter, however, is somewhat more difficult for them, so Myconidians who wander the galaxy at large tend to adapt to using other cultures' weapons, ships, and equipment as needed.

Culturally, Myconidians tend to be fairly relaxed and easygoing. They tend toward introspection and debate more often than high-energy athleticism, though they are not without their warriors. They are an asexual and agender species, and they tend to be more solitary when among their own people. They mingle better with outsiders of diverse backgrounds (perhaps as a result of evolutionary urges to spread the species to unfamiliar or unoccupied regions or avoid intermingling of spore populations).

All Myconidians can feel and reach for the Force, but not all devote their lives to deepening that connection. They are just as likely to be scholars or politicians (especially mediators) as they are to be mystics or hermits. When physical violence is unavoidable, most Myconidians tend toward resolving the confrontation in the most efficient and painless manner possible, as their natural empathy discourages them from wanton violence.

Myconidians begin play with the following characteristics:
Brawn: 1 // Agility 2 // Intellect 2 // Cunning 2 // Willpower 3 //Presence 2
Wound Threshold: 10+Brawn // Strain Threshold: 10+Willpower // Starting XP: 100
Empath: Add 1 extra Advantage to all successful Negotiation rolls.
Of Nature: Add 1 rank of Survival.

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