Monday, July 11, 2016

Star Wars: The Phantom Characters

When playing RPGs, sometimes you die. It happens. When it does, it's good to have a backup on hand so you can jump right back into the game. Some groups prefer to wait until the next session to introduce a new character, and you can always play a nearby NPC if this is the case. I always have at least one backup character, but for my current Star Wars game, I actually have more. One of these is already built, while the other two would require a little character creation. We play a mix of all three Fantasy Flight Star Wars RPGs.

Starfall, Human Bounty Hunter (Assassin)

Starfall was a sniper I played in a couple sessions a few years back. He's quick, silent, and a crack shot with a slugthrower. He's addicted to muscle relaxers, which he often uses to steady his aim. He basically looks like Adam Jensen from Deus Ex, and has about as much personality. He's just a really dry contract killer. This would be for if I really just need a character really fast whose head doesn't require much subtlety or nuance to get into. His name's Starfall because I was put on the spot and never went back to give him a real name.

Tal'warat, Twi'lek Seeker (Hermit)

Tal is my most recent backup for in case Norra dies or becomes obsolete. He's a twi'lek with pale red skin who would be accompanied by some sort of small creature. (Maybe a Tailring?) I would want Tal to exhibit some of Jacen Solo's Force-empowered empathy when interacting with other living things. Sort of like a Force-druid. Go watch that new Tarzan movie, you'll see what I mean. I also imagine that early in his career he was tricked by a grifter into buying a vibrostaff--not the kind with blades, but a regular looking staff with a vibroweapon motor. It's literally just a staff with an inflated price tag since it has no blades to take advantage of the motor.

Grace Render, Mirialan Smuggler (Scoundrel)

Grace is partially inspired by Sabine from Star Wars Rebels mixed with a little bit of both versions of Dante from Devil May Cry. She's a smartass, smooth-talking street punk who has a fondness for defacing public property. She's the rebellious teen of the lot, and I imagine she also DJs at some club wherever she lives (Possibly Coruscant or Nar Shaddaa, depending on the game) while wearing a stormtrooper helmet in the style of Deadmau5.


Look, I really like Star Wars. Making characters for that setting is really fun, even if I'm not allowed to play the really neat stuff like Vong or Fosh or Gen'Dai. I didn't come up with any good droid ideas, but I'd love to do an all-droid one shot sometime.

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