Friday, July 29, 2016

Introducing: Fireteam Omega

Over the past week I have cobbled together my first attempt at RPG game design, and the fruit of that labor is...well, it's an rtf and a pdf of that rtf that messed up some of the formatting during the transfer. It's an Apocalypse World hack, not a full game on its own, so you'd need to know how that game works to play this. This is an INCREDIBLY rough first draft, and I already see a LOT of things that need to be tweaked and adjusted and in some cases ripped out.

This is a game about a squad of operatives being dropped into a situation beyond their means. This game is intended to be an homage to movies like Aliens, Predator, Doom, Resident Evil, and a little bit of Cabin In The Woods (You know the bit). It's a hack of Apocalypse World, but I've replaced most of the rules with my own.

Equipment is forthcoming, but for now it's not too hard to eyeball weapons and the like. Play is intended to be episodic and fairly dangerous, so it isn't really tooled for campaigns. You could follow a squad through multiple missions, but out of the box it's meant so you play a full in and out mission in one session.

If I've set this up properly, you should be able to access the document here.

I'll keep tinkering with it here and there, but I just wanted to post the first draft for funsies and to let those who care know (some of) what I've been working on. (This isn't the only project I have currently, after all.)

If nothing else, maybe it'll inspire you, reader, in your next RPG.

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