Wednesday, July 6, 2016


I had just moved back to the states after spending seven months living in Germany with my father when I heard that a group of my friends had an RPG group. That very week, I called up my buddy Devin, who ran the show, and made plans to drop by that Friday to try it out. Turns out they were taking a break from their 3.5 campaign to try a new system. One of our players, not our usual GM, would be running a game called Anima. Everyone had already picked certain anime character tropes to play before I got there, and they told me when I arrived that I would be playing "The Little Girl."

And so I built Nora. She was a Thief who used a whip in combat because I am a huge fan of Castlevania, and I will always try out a game's whip. As the first session, spent mostly building our characters and playing a brief introductory scene, went on, Nora began to take shape on the horrendously complex page before me (Seriously, look up Anima sometime. It looks crazy to a first timer). I was thrilled to be able to give my character drawbacks as well as strengths, so Nora ended up being a 16 year old thief who had formerly been a part of a noble house. She lost that house,and her parents and all her belongings, in a great fire. She was rescued by a passing Lord, but the experience left her deathly afraid of fire. In an attempt to quell her fears, she took to the bottle, and soon became somewhat dependent on its liquid courage.

I only played Nora for two sessions, since everyone in the group decided that Anima was too complex and unwieldy for our tastes. I still have her character sheet, which I'll link below. Nora was my first RPG character, and set a precedent for my others: For a long time, I tended toward dexterity-focused characters like thieves and ninjas and rogues. Nowadays I'm much more dynamic and have less of a "type," or at least when it comes to class. A lot of my characters are, however, generally good at talking and usually decent at sneaking. This comes somewhat from how I play video game RPGs like Shadowrun or Dragon Age--I want all the dialogue options, so I make myself talk real good. Nora did some of that, as she picked a guard's pocket while flirting with him and ended up walking away with the boy's grappling hook. Which I never used. but that's always how it is with grappling hooks.

Last we saw Nora, an Evil party member with psychic powers who she didn't get along with had just peered into her mind and seen her greatest fears, and was planning to exploit them somehow to hurt her. We never saw how that would have ended, but I think she could take him. He was a wimp.

Here's Nora's sheet.

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