Thursday, July 7, 2016


When you go as long between sessions as I do, you tend to collect RPG ideas and put them away for either a rainy day (or never). This is a brief list of my own backlog of games I wish I could run. A lot of these are Powered By The Apocalypse-adjacent games, because I like those games.

Erebus (Tremulus)
In the fictional Alaskan town of Erebus, weird things are afoot. When the sun sets for its nine week polar night, people start going to sleep--and not waking up. What exactly is happening to Erebus, and how can anyone escape? This is a horror-themed game run in Tremulus, which is a Lovecraftian style game in the same vein as Apocalypse World and the like.

Dragonlance (D&D 4th Edition)
A rewrite of the 3.0 Dragons of Autumn campaign, which itself was a rewrite of the original AD&D 2nd Edition campaign inspired by the Dragonlance novels. I have all of the Heroes of the Lance statted as different 4E classes, as well as a host of backups should someone die (No plot armor in this game).

Mobile Frame 0: Firebrands
This is a conversational RPG from the creator behind Apocalypse World. It's designed as a one-shot game and focuses on a collection of ace mech pilots from three different warring factions as they fight, ally, or betray each other.

Station Zero (Tremulus or Edge of the Empire)
This one's a weird one. It's another horror game, but set in Star Wars. On a massive space colony, the players would have to journey to one of the lowest sectors, abandoned for centuries, to restore power to some crucial functions. But there are a lot of things hiding in the shadows, especially in space. And they aren't all mynocks...

Dragon Age Road Trip (Dragon Age RPG)
This is my loosest idea of them all. Basically, the players are representatives of lower noble houses who travel together and head toward the capital of Ferelden for a Landsmeet. I haven't played the game, so I'm not 100% sure of the details of that event, but the RPG book makes it sound like a somewhat regular occurrence and it makes for a good destination for a team of begrudgingly united travelers who have to learn to get along.

I also have a few other little things drawn up, but I don't have enough material for a blurb.They're pilot episodes for campaigns that'll never happen.

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