Wednesday, June 15, 2016

ADDITIONAL NOTES: Krynn Mage (Dungeon World playbook)

More notes from yet another stillborn RPG! This time, I'm sharing what was going to be a homebrewed Dungeon World playbook to replace the standard Wizard in a game set in the Dragonlance setting. Why did I feel the need to reinvent the wheel? Because I have a passion for half-assed homebrew. For those not in the know...

In the Dragonlance setting, there are three moons. Each is associated with its own god, and those three gods are the gods of magic. Unlike other settings, all magic comes from gods, not just divine magic. Anyway, the study of magic is strictly regimented,with three Orders based on the three moons, three gods, and three philosophies of magic. They're also given Good, Neutral, and Evil alignments, because alignments (and the balancing thereof) are a huge part of the Dragonlance setting. My intent was to translate some of the more common aspects of those different Orders into a playbook for Dungeon World. The campaign in this case was meant to essentially be Red Dawn, but in the minotaur-occupied former elven nation of Silvanesti in the aftermath of the War of Souls and Mina's ascension to godhood. Players would have been elven freedom fighters formerly of the now-scattered kirath who once patrolled the borders.

All I have is a move and some alternative character creation options. First the Orders, which would replace the racial moves for a character:

ORDERS (Replaces Race)
White Robes of Solinari: Use magic to help someone who doesn't deserve it.
Red Robes of Lunitari: Discover a secret or artifact of magic.
Black Robes of Nuitari: Gain knowledge or power through deceit or force.

I wanted to emphasize the Black and Red Orders' desire to collect power and knowledge and the White Order's instinct to help anyone if given the chance. The actual move is as follows, and would replace the Spell Defense move that standard Dungeon World Wizards have. I wanted to show what each type of wizard would most likely be like and how they might interact with the world.

Order of Magic (CHA)
When you use the reputation of your chosen Order as leverage, take +1 forward to Parley. In addition, you gain the move associated with your Order:

Dark Charms (Requires Black Robes)
When you use your wit and charm (and perhaps a dab of magic) to worm out of trouble, roll+CHA.
On a 10+, you're free to go, choose 1. On a 7-9, your crime is recognized, but still choose 1.
- A good person is impressed by you.
- You make an loyal ally of a foolish person.
- You did one extra thing they don't know about yet, describe it.

Studious Mind (Requires Red Robes)
When you spend a moonlit night preparing for additional contingencies, roll+INT.
On a 10+, hold 3. On a 7-9, hold 1.
Spend your hold at any time to:
-Ask an additional question from Discern Realities, even on a miss.
-Take +1 forward on Spout Lore regarding something magical.
-Remember the perfect counterspell at just the right moment. 
On a 6-, hold 1 anyway, but you stay up too late studying and the GM will give you a debility for the following day.

Solinari's Warding (Requires White Robes)
When you stand against evil and invoke Solinari's light, roll+WIS.
On a 10+, choose 3. On a 7-9, choose 1.
- Your allies take +1 armor forward.
- One of your allies will ignore a debility in the coming battle.
- Your enemy is blinded or otherwise inconvenienced by a piercing incandescence.

Feel free to snatch these moves up for your home games; I know Dragonlance is super popular.

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