Tuesday, June 14, 2016

ADDITIONAL NOTES: The Khidran Principalities

Last year, I created a homebrewed setting for a tabletop RPG campaign I had intended to run in Cypher. It was going to be a fantasy setting in a post post-apocalypse world with themes like reincarnation, cycles, and fate being primary focuses. This game never happened, but I recently found these notes on the creation of one of the larger nations in the setting. I won't say this is perfect, but it's definitely my favorite of the nations I had made up.

The Khidran Principalities

The Khidran Principalities, or Khidra, is a state comprised of three cultures united by the Treaty of Garuda. The Bator and the Rashesh were once feuding states, with the docile Kito trapped between. Eventually the wars grew too much, and a Kito princess interrupted the Battle of the Bridges to quell both sides. In folklore, she was married to the wind and the wind created for her a typhoon that rent the two armies to shreds. Now the three peoples live in relative peace with each other.

The Rashesh live in the desert. They wear polished wooden masks and swoop gracefully over the dunes thanks to their magical footwear. Their sandstriders are quick and deadly with scimitars. They generally have a fondness for flowing clothes that fly behind them as they cross the desert. Despite being a part of Khidra, the Rashesh are very secretive about their own culture and are reluctant
to let outsiders see their traditional ceremonies and festivals.

The Bator live on the open plains. They ride the sturdiest breed of horse in the world and are matched in horsemanship only by the cavalry of Froll across the Petran Mountains in the east. Their archers fire from horseback, providing a mobile skirmishing force that can attack almost any position. They do not have gendered pronouns in their native tongue, instead likening people to one of four ancient folk heroes, each representing a different virtue or personality type.

The Kito live on the great rivers the separate the Rashesh and the Bator. They are a quiet people, both literally and politically. They use hand signs and pictorial drawings as their primary language, and they are known for their subtlety in many areas. They are known chroniclers and preservers, recording new stories and information from other lands when they get the opportunity. Some say the Kito possess the ability to breathe underwater, but these claims have not been substantially proven as genetic inherency.

My intent with this was to make a culture that was comprised of multiple older cultures that were forced to mingle and coexist. The founding happened so long ago, and the individual industries and politics were so entwined, that by the time we see it in a campaign, there's no way to really extricate one from the rest. It also presents some opportunities for passionate human enemies like hypernationalistic terrorists or confronting ideas like the suppression of a less dominant culture in the world by bigger, louder voices. Also, racism probably? I never really got to play around with the place, since I never ran the game.

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