Tuesday, June 28, 2016


What follows is the prepwork I had for the one session of Dungeon World that I ran in the Atman setting. It's a straightforward one-shot about rescuing a hostage from the sewers.

The party begins in the North End Market Square, where they are chance bystanders of an act of terrorism. The plaza's fountain implodes, and a handful of trolls escape from the sewers below. At the same time, someone sets up an antimagic field. While the party fights the monsters, one of the trolls makes off with a hostage--Alfred of the Mage's Circle. The party meets Ilja in the fight when she jumps in to help dispatch the creatures. As the only nearby Hunter, she requests their help in tracking down the final beast and slaying it. Soon after entering, the party is separated from her and must go on alone for a time. After a tussle with some gargoyles and a little sewer-spelunking they meet up with Ilja, and approach the final chamber where the hostage lies. Four trolls and a bonded shifter look over the hostage and are waiting for someone to show up and collect. When engaged, the shifter draws a poisoned dagger.

Factions in Zentrum

Firebrands - Revolutionaries/terrorists calling for the usurpation of the Council and the exile of mages.
Hunters - Enigmatic slayers that keep the city safe from monsters lurking in the slums and sewers. Each wears a uniquely designed white mask.
Blackpowder Heretics - A secret society of smiths and craftsmen with a reckless approach to innovation. Created Magefire.
The Mage's Circle- Annalise, Sebastian, and Alfred. The governing body of Zentrum and most powerful mages residing therein.


Old Zentrum- A ruined neighborhood scoured by Magefire, giving birth to the Firebrands. Full of vagrants and rebels.
Sewers - A massive complex under the city stretching far deeper than intended. Home to monsters and ruins, as well as slum towns filled with plague-ridden wretches.


Josephine - Leader of the Firebrands, scarred by Magefire. Despises mages and most magic.
Ilja - Hunter patrolling the Eastern Chambers beneath Zentrum with a plague doctor mask and scythe.


Trolls - Goblins that overflow with regenerative magic, granting them potent regeneration and muscle growth.
Dregs - The lowest of the low, driven mad by the plague. Incoherent and animalistic.
Gargoyles- Arcane sentries. Fly at the group as they inch around a deep pit in the sewers.

It occurs to me that I haven't mentioned shifters yet. The western third of Froll is home to a massive, sprawling forest known as the Titanwood. It is home to trees so massive as to put California redwoods to shame. In this wood, there is a society of humans who bond their souls to the animals and plants around them. Some of them can change their form to adopt that of the life forms they have bonded with, which has given rise to many folktales in Froll of fairies and beastmen. This is this setting's equivalent to lycanthropes.

The identity of the person who hired the shifter is a plot hook that I would consider exploring at a later time if more sessions were run. They weren't, so here's this post. (For the record, I don't consider any of this 'canon' as I continue to flesh out the world on its own in my spare time. This was just stuff I made up for this session)

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