Friday, June 24, 2016


You know the deal by now. Let's go.


Cyril is an island of luxury. Wealthy people from all over the world travel to Cyril to trade for silks and spices. The city is controlled by a group of ethereally beautiful women called the Courtesans. In truth, these women are vampires. Cyril exports a lot of silk to the Rashesh in Khidra.


Froll is an insular and xenophobic country. Like Jagdea, they won independence from the Divine Supremacy--however, they did this four centuries ago, and have closed their borders since. This country is inspired by more typical Western European fantasy, and resembles Britain in the century leading up to the Age of Discovery. They have incredibly stringent laws concerning etiquette and gender roles in society. It is a monarchy, but the King is bound by a generations-old set of laws dictating what he will and will not do. He is assisted by the headmaster of the Royal Academy, which teaches the practice of magic. Froll has several noble houses that bicker amongst themselves for the most part and are kept in check by the King.

The Far Isles

These small islands to the south of the continent were once home to a Vikings-esque culture that would occasionally raid the shores, but in recent years they have been conquered. The new inhabitants of the Isles, pale people with faces full of piercings, came in black ships and slaughtered the indigenous people almost to a man, but as soon as they had control of the island they halted their invasion and settled in. It took some time for the rest of the world to trust them, but they have recently opened up trade with Commerce.

The Divine Supremacy

This crumbling empire once held all the lands from one sea to the other, but over the centuries its borders have slowly shrunk. Its ruler is, supposedly, the immortal god king that slew the gods and took their power for himself, that the capricious powers above would no longer trouble mankind. No one has seen this ruler in some time, and most decisions are made by the church. In visual style, this culture is heavily inspired by India, albeit an India with crazy magic technology and airships and colossal constructs that guard its capital.

That's all I have for the cultures in Atman. I'll be back next week to continue this at some point.

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